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Why it’s a great time for mothers to start their own business and become a “Mompreneur”

It is well known that “mompreneurs” have emerged everywhere around the world in the past few years.


Because of the internet!

There has never been a better time for a mother to start her own business.

Gone are the days when you are stuck at home folding washing and watching Young and The Restless on TV! Although that is fun too 🙂

Nowadays, whenever your baby has a nap, you can basically open your laptop and start tapping away immediately on your website – writing blog posts, creating new online products, and engaging with customers.

It’s so awesome!

Here are my top 5 reasons why this is a fantastic time for you to start your own business if you are a mother at home with your baby:

  1. Baby sleeping = Mompreneur time. As I mentioned above, as soon as your baby falls asleep (even if your baby is sleeping in your arms) you can be working on your online business. Even if you only have one hand (if the other arm is holding your baby while she sleeps) you can be replying to your customers on your smart phone. Of course it is important to rest too, but honestly if you find you are stuck in a chair holding your peacefully sleeping baby, and you are too scared to move or else you might wake her up, then working on your business may just be the type of mental stimulation you are looking for! If you are can’t make noise, then you can’t clean the dishes or do a load of washing anyway. You can’t even talk on the phone with your family and friends! So communicating and being creative online can often be the answer to keep you busy and sane.
  2. Rainy days = Mompreneur time. When it rains or is stormy outside, you know you are often stuck at home all day to keep your baby safe. It may be too cold (or even dangerous) to go outside with your baby, so it is often best to spend the day resting indoors. So what to do? Of course this is a great time to play with your children and make cubby houses, play jigsaw puzzles, and do some coloring in. But if you need an adult’s break, this is a great chance to work on creating your business!
  3. Sleepless nights = Mompreneur time. After you have a baby, even if you are exhausted, you may have nights where you can’t get to sleep. Maybe you are worrying about your to-do list for the next day, or you are worrying about the future, or you are worrying if you have forgotten something for the kids school. The list is endless! Do you know one of the great solutions for a sleepless night? Spend this time to work on your business! There is no point in lying in bed worrying the whole time, you will be much more productive if you put that time to good use in your business. I am actually sitting here right now at 2am on a Tuesday night writing this blog post! Haha. I woke up at 1am and couldn’t get back to sleep, so here I am tapping away on my computer. I am feeling sleepy again now, so I think writing this article has helped to settle my mind and making me sleepy again….awesome!
  4. Lunch with fellow business owners = Mompreneur time. Having lunch with like-minded internet-savvy mums in the same situation as you are is guaranteed to give you a fun social time + is fantastic for learning and growing your business. You know how much fun mother’s groups are? Imagine a mother’s group where all your mummy friends are also working on their online business! This is such a fantastic way to share your experiences and learn from each other, hear about the latest developments with online entrepreneurs and apply the tips to your business.
  5. Information product = more time for YOU. Information products are perfect if you have special knowledge or you are an expert on a particular subject, and if there is demand for this knowledge/information. I highly recommend to create an information product on your specialty (as opposed to, for example, having an online shop or writing articles for other websites). The reason? An information product, such as an ebook or online course, can be completely automated! So once set it up on your website with the shopping cart and instant download function or membership site, then you don’t need to be there all the time for your product to make money. This allows you the flexibility to spend more time with your children, as well as to take more time for yourself such as go to yoga or pilates or whatever you wish to do in order to unwind and relax. I personally find an information product as being the best solution for Mompreneurs who want more flexibility in their life. If you are exhausted from running around, working 9-5, then rushing to pick up our kids from school, cooking dinner, bath, get to bed, and then wake up the next morning to do it all again – if this is you, and you dream of more flexibility to slow down and enjoy this stage in your life with your children and to have more time to rest, then an information product may be just the solution you are looking for.

So, if you are wondering whether to start your own business, but you are worried you WON’T have time after you have a baby, I hope these 5 points will help to show you that it IS possible! The internet has made it possible 🙂

It may be a different way of utilizing your time compared to before having children, but it still works effectively and can be extremely productive.

AND can help you achieve the business and life of your dreams!

x Kate

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