What went well (and what didn't) in 2017, and what I aim for in 2018
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What went well (and what didn’t) in 2017 and what I aim for in 2018

What went well for you in 2017? What didn’t go so well or not as you had planned? And what do you aim for in 2018?

I am taking this advice from Paul Jarvis as it is a great way to summarize all your thoughts and make some plans for the next year.

Here are my answers!

Please note that not all my answers are business-orientated, but as this can be something for me to look back on, I tried to write honestly!

What went well in 2017

  • Reduced working hours – from March to August 2017, I reduced my working hours at the company where I work. My company has a policy for working mothers, where you can work 9am-4pm, but I had never taken advantage of this policy. Considering how tired I was in early 2017, I decided to apply for these shortened hours. It was fantastic! Finishing at 4pm meant that I could pick up my kids from the nursery school at 4:30pm and get home with time to cook dinner and have a bath without rushing all the time. This is something I would like to do again in 2018 as my son will start elementary school soon and I heard it is extremely difficult for working mothers to cope.
  • New websites – I started 2 new websites in 2017. This is one of them! And also MorningtonBeachlife.com at Christmas time, which is about my family hometown in Australia. I had been thinking about both of these themes for a long time, and finally decided just to try it and give it a go. At minimum, the websites would be a great memory of what I am working on now and my hopes for the future.
  • Minimalist Business – it was a huge breakthrough to realize that what I want in my life actually has a name – it is called a “Minimalist Business”. This is where your success is measured not by how much money you make, but how much freedom you have to do the things that you want. Such as look after your children, relax, and travel. This resulted in me blogging about this here, which has really helped me to concrete my ideas about what I want in my life and how to achieve them.
  • No more diapers – my kids graduated from nappies! This was a huge achievement for me, as it means that I don’t have to buy nappies anymore which you know can cost alot to buy every month. Part of this transition means that I have to get up in the middle of the night, every night, and take my kids to the toilet, which was big step that I was worried about (because I hate getting up in the middle of the night! haha). I started doing this in August 2017 when I was visiting my mum’s house in Australia, and thankfully I could keep to the routine even while back in Japan.


What didn’t go so well

  • New program – in Feb 2017 joined Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch Formula”. It was an intensive course but I was determined to give it a go, as I thought it could help to boost my business. I worked extremely hard in all my spare time (or lack there of! haha) on making a new course based on this concept of “launching” a product, which I designed as a more detailed version of my Tokyo Guide. I launched it in June 2017, however it didn’t work as I had expected! One of the major issues is that I realized I just didn’t have the time to do everything that is involved with doing launches. So I merged all this new content into my Tokyo Guide (free for my existing customers) which was awesome as it provided huge value and made me feel happy. I haven’t completely given up hope on the “product launch” concept, but for the moment I have put it aside and might consider it again in the future.


What’s ahead for 2018

  • Launch 3rd Edition Tokyo Guide – I will launch the 3rd edition of my ebook on Tokyo Urban Baby in late January 2018. Can’t wait! I have been adding a huge amount of content to the members section (which I mentioned above), so I have added some of this content directly into the ebook while keeping the video tutorials in the members section.
  • Elementary School – my son will start primary school in April 2018. This will be a huge step in our lives, particularly in regards to our work/life balance. All my Japanese mama friends keep telling me how hard it is – I heard that alot of Japanese mothers actually quit their full time jobs when their kids enter primary school because it is so difficult! I hope it will be okay.
  • Maintain my momentum with “Minimalism” – I was very proud of myself in 2017 for resisting the urge to buy more “stuff” and to keep my apartment clean and minimal!
  • Cooking – I would like to get back into my Japanese batch cooking in 2018 and build up my recipes on my website TokyoUrbanKitchen.com . I have contacted my Japanese mama friend and she is keen to do some cooking shows with me, so I am super excited to re-launch this! I think one of the keys to a successful business for mompreneurs is to revolve your business around something that you do every day. Mums have very little spare time, so if you can make a business out of something that you already love to do yourself at home or with your family, such as travel, cooking, craft, etc, then it is much easier to maintain and to be consistent. Often it can take a few years to make your website into a business, so it is important to create something that you love and that is easy to maintain. For me in 2018, I really want to get back into the rhythm of cooking!

I will keep blogging here and share with you my hopes and dreams for my Minimalist Business and how you can also achieve it.

If you have any questions please let me know!

x Kate

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