Top 5 Minimalist Business websites

Top 5 “Minimalist Business” websites

If you need extra inspiration for your Minimalist Business, let me share with you a list of websites that I have personally found inspiring and helped me to get into the mindset of minimalism that I currently have today.

To be honest, the idea of minimalism came to me naturally (which you can read about in my earlier posts). I used to work extreme hours at a company, I was exhausted, and I would often find myself doing “retail therapy” i.e. shopping for clothes and accessories that I didn’t really need, and which never seemed to make me happy!

During those same years, I had 2 children and started a blog which grew into an online business, and this is when I started to realize that there is more to life than the 9 to 5 job and that life should have more meaning.

The next step was to learn how to have the business and life that I really wanted.

Which lead me to do alot of research online and find these wonderful people!

Here is my list of 5 inspiring people who write about their minimalist business and their life:

  1. The Minimalists
    • These two guys have become quite famous. I love their TED talk and looking at the photos of their apartments!
  2. Zen Habits
    • I love reading Leo’s articles – they are quite deep and meaningful and make you think about your own life and business.
  3. Allie Casazza
    • Allie has 4 young kids and still manages to have a successful website! I first found her when I searched google images about being a Minimalist Mom and she kept popping up everywhere, so I checked her blog and immediately fell in love with her story.
  4. Single Mom’s Income
    • If you are wanting to reduce your expenses and to be a better shopper as well as improving how you manage your money, which is always important when you are starting out with a minimalist business, then this blog is fantastic! Alexa is smart, super honest, and a lovely writer. I always enjoy reading her blog posts.
  5. Amy Lynn Andrews
    • Amy is very tech savvy and has great advice for managing a minimalist business. Make sure you subscribe to her weekend newsletter, which always has great advice and the latest information about having an online business from a mom’s point of view!

Oh dear! I nearly forgot Paul Jarvis! Sorry Paul! Actually Paul is my number one favorite minimalist business blogger. I originally found Paul’s website through Jess Ainscough, as Paul had designed her website and there was a tiny tiny link at the bottom of her site which led to Paul’s website. I am so grateful that I clicked on that tiny link. Make sure you subscribe to his Sunday newsletter for inspiration and his funny jokes.

Hope these links help you with finding your own path for creating the business and life that you will love,

xox Kate

P.S. As I mentioned Jess Ainscough, it is important for me to say how sad I was to hear of her passing. She was a truly inspiring and beautiful person, and I wish she was still here with us today.

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