The secret to finding happiness and freedom in business

The secret to finding happiness and freedom in business

What is the secret to finding happiness and freedom in business?

Hint: it is not about how much money you make!

It is actually the complete opposite.

For me, people may assume from my website that I live a life of luxury and that I have a huge house in Tokyo, enjoy dining at cafes every day, and shopping at the high-end boutique stores in Omotesando.

What they may not realize is that I live a very simple life with my two children in a small suburb in Tokyo.

I live in a small apartment and I only have the minimal furniture that is necessary for our daily lives.

Here is a breakdown of the items in my rented apartment:

  1. Fridge, washing machine, rice cooker, microwave
  2. Small table with 2 matching chairs and a matching stool
  3. 2 futons (I sleep with my kids in the Japanese tatami room in my apartment)

(To be honest, part of the reason for not having more furniture in my apartment is because my kids LOVE to climb, so I am always too afraid to buy a shelf or a sofa, as I am worried they will fall off or jump and crash into something!)

But, this is actually the life that I have chosen in order to be happy and to have more freedom.

AND it is something I highly recommend you to consider if you want reduce your stress and enjoy your life NOW without worrying all the time.

For example, if your income relies on an online business, what if the internet stops tomorrow?

Do you have a big mortgage for a huge house?

Do you have a loan for an expensive car?

How will you continue to pay these if your income suddenly stops?

What if you lived “below your means” so that if you lost it all tomorrow, you could still survive and be happy with a minimum wage job?

Wouldn’t this make it easier to start your business knowing that you don’t have to worry if it all doesn’t go to plan?

It is the same as considering your exit strategy for your business.

If your business suddenly stopped, if you had a minimalist life then you wouldn’t have to worry.

You wouldn’t have to move house. Your children’s lives would not change. They can still go to the same school and enjoy the same freedoms as they have always had. (The only thing that might change is less frequent traveling!)

If your business suddenly stopped, could you easily get another job and continue to live your life the same as it is now?

If you can achieve this mindset of a minimalist business, you will be a big step closer to finding the happiness and freedom that you want with your business.

Remember – the more expenses you cut, the more freedom you gain!

Photo: Me in my little kitchen in Tokyo! I have recently done a DIY makeover, so I will show you this photo in a future post 🙂

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