Simple is Beautiful

When it comes to a minimalist business, “simple is beautiful”.

It is very important to simplify every aspect of your business, in order to achieve a true Minimalist Business, reduce the clutter, and reduce your costs.

One example of this is the software required to run an online business.

I have tried many different softwares, platforms, and wordpress plugins. Some have worked well, while others I have deleted or canceled my membership after I realized they were not required or essential for my business.

Many of my successful software or plugins I learned from Marie Forleo. I participated in her bschool course in 2014 and it was a huge turning point for me. I already had my blog up and running and my list was growing, but I dreamed of launching my own ebook travel guide that would bring together all my tips and recommendations for traveling in Tokyo with children. I studied every day trying to find a way to publish my travel guide, but I really struggled to find the answer as it was too expensive to print a small number of books and I thought my idea was too niche to get support from a publisher. Then one day my sister sent me the link to Marie Forleo’s bschool and after a few weeks of thinking about it, I finally signed up! It was fantastic and within 10 months of completing bschool I had published my ebook travel guide.

The big lesson though was that although I learned alot from the bschool course, I found that not every software or plugin worked for my website or my business. Marie Forleo is huge and she has her own team, so it is understandable that she requires very sophisticated software and website plugins. But my business is small in comparison and it is run by just me! So I realized that I don’t need exactly the same set up as some of the big online entrepreneurs.

One example is the service called Instant Teleseminar. Marie Forleo uses this platform for her bschool teleconferences, so I thought I should also use this for my customers of my travel guide. It is a fantastic service and easy to use, but I realized that my customer base didn’t justify the monthly costs, and when I already had costs including web hosting, newsletter services, shopping cart, etc, I realized that I couldn’t afford Teleseminar. More importantly though, my business wasn’t “big enough” to justify the expense. So I canceled my account and decided to focus on growing my business first, and if there was a need in the future I could always reactivate my account.

The key point is that it is not necessary to invest in lots and lots of software/memberships/plugins to have a successful online business. It is completely fine (and wise!) to start small and with only the essential software set up that you require. Don’t be tempted to pay monthly costs for all the softwares that the big entrepreneurs have. It is likely that you don’t require it and it will just add unnecessary bulk and burden to your website.

I hope this helps and remember that a simple online business with the minimal number of plugins and software runs wonderfully and has the potential to not only reduce your costs, but also reduces the stress and burden so that you can enjoy your business!

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