1 hour Skype Call Consultation


1 hour skype call



Are you:

  • Wondering how to start your own business?
  • Maybe you already have an idea for your new business, but wondering how to fit it into your already busy life?
  • Or maybe you already have a website, but wondering how to monetize it and create the business and life that you want?

I can help you!

What is included in the 1 hour Skype Call:

  • Identify the opportunities for you to grow your business
  • Create a Mindmap of the options and processes required to grow your business, which I will send you after the call
  • Personal advice and recommendations to make your business a success based on my experience

If you have any questions, please email me: info@kateneath.com

Note: All of my products and services come with a full money back guarantee. After the Skype call, if you are not satisfied with our talk or the advice that I provide, I will provide your full money back.

Terms & Conditions

I guarantee that my products and services will help you with your business.

If it is not what you expected, please let me know. I offer a full money back guarantee within 48 hours of purchase. Please note that I will ask some questions before processing the refund, to better understand how I can further improve my products and services.

This site reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the products and services, or to halt the products and services, at any time.