2 Hour In-Person Consultation


1on1 in-person meeting to provide technical advice and digital marketing recommendations for your own website



If you wish for me to look into the back end of your website in order to provide direct advice about your website or online business, this will be best done as a 1-on-1 in-person meeting so that I can show you on your own PC.

What is included:

  • 2 hour meeting
  • Hands-on technical advice about your website
  • Digital marketing advice and problem solving during the meeting

What you need to bring:

  • Please bring your own Laptop PC so that I can help you directly on your own computer

Customer Feedback:

“Kate understands the background of entrepreneurship, the thought of service development, instead of working ad hoc. She is skillful in being able to develop a marketing plan from the core message. There are not many marketers I know who think so deeply and can really understand customer needs. This is why we are consulting with Kate about new products right from the planning stage. With Kate, you can really create a business together right from launch. So if you have any concerns about branding, concept making, copywriting and of course marketing as well, I recommend to contact her!”

– Mac Funamizu, Multi-award winning designer, CEO of Enfani Inc.

“Kate is an excellent person if you are looking into starting a new venture, or updating your current plan to reach the newest standards. Not only does Kate know how to turn your dreams into a business plan, but she also knows how to surf the newest social media and marketing platforms. You certainly feel like you are ‘in good hands’ working with Kate. She is also a good shoulder to lean on, being a Mother herself, she knows what it means to juggle life whilst building a career.”

– Abigail Terrien, Founder of Abi’s Journal & Abi Loves


If you have any questions, please contact me: info@kateneath.com

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