Minimalist Home Office in Tokyo

Do you need some inspiration for your ideal Minimalist Business office at home?

Here are some images that I have collected that are comfortable, stylish, and possible in a small apartment in Tokyo!

Apartments are very tiny in Tokyo, so it basically forces you to have the “minimalist” mindset when you are considering how to utilize the space.

This is fantastic as I am constantly throwing things out that I don’t use or don’t need, and whenever I am tempted to buy a new piece of furniture or household item that I see at the shops I am constantly thinking “do I have space for this?” and more importantly¬†“do I really need this?”.

Minimalism is a Mindset, and the concept of a Minimalist Business is that you base your success on your freedom to live the life that you want, not on how much money you make.

So you can enjoy the simplicity of your spaces and be proud of what you have achieved.

Even if it is just a small area that you can enjoy working on a business that you love!

(Note that I have included some bedroom and kitchen ideas, as Tokyo apartments often don’t have enough room to have a separate office space. So you usually have to improvise and set up your PC in your bedroom or simply work in the kitchen!)





Photos: No Wasted Ink, Pinterest

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