Minimalist Business – Tips from Paul Jarvis

One of my favorite writers that I subscribe to is Paul Jarvis.

One of his recent articles has really stuck in my mind.

The concept of “Minimalist Business”.

If you feel like you are stuck in your job or life and that you can never achieve your dreams, there might be a chance that you are unnecessarily causing yourself stress by dreaming too big.

Do you really NEED a new computer? Or a new iPhone?

Do you really NEED a new house? Or a bigger car?

Do your kids really need more toys?

When I take the time to think about my life and what I have, I find myself being grateful for what I have.

  • My apartment is small, but I actually love it because it means it is easier to clean and I can always see my kids out of the corner of my eye (which is important with young kids!).
  • My iPhone has actually had a broken screen for over 12 months. I tried to fix it, but then I gave up as I was too busy and it still works, so I decided to save myself the stress and money.
  • I don’t have a car, but this suits me quite well as I live in Tokyo and the trains are so convenient that I don’t really need a car. I live close to the train station, and to be honest, even when I think it would be fun to have a car, I then think about the stress of trying to drive with my kids in the back, and this causing me more stress! So I am definitely fine without a car.
  • My kids definitely don’t need more toys. They do need bicycles though, so this is something I would definitely purchase.

So how does this relate to having a Minimalist Business?

It means you don’t need to think too big to have a successful business that can provide you a living and make you happy.

Maybe you don’t need a team of staff. Maybe you don’t even need an office, fax machine, printer, or even a landline.

All you need to think about is how much money you need per month, and then create a business that will provide this income for you so that you can enjoy your life!

Here is my estimate for living in Tokyo:

  • Rent: 100,000yen per month
  • Food: 40,000yen per month
  • Utilities and internet: 20,000yen per month
  • Transport: 20,000yen per month
  • Nursery School (2 kids): 70,000yen per month
  • Other: 50,000yen per month

Total = 300,000yen per month

If you add on tax, health insurance, pension etc, then I need to make around 450,000yen per month to survive.

If I was living in another country, then this estimate may look alot different. So please note that this is an actual estimate for living in Tokyo in 2017.

So if you provide a service and you charge for example 30,000yen for that service, then you only need 15 clients per month to cover your expenses.

This is just a minimum estimate of course!

But what if you only need to spend a few hours for each client?

This would mean you only need to work a few hours a day for a few days a week. Thus leaving you plenty of time to clean the house, go to yoga, make dinner, pick up the kids early from school, help them with their homework, and most importantly get to bed early and have a much needed rest.

It’s good to think about this to visualize your business and life.

You may not need to make millions to create a life that you love. You may just need enough to cover your expenses and a little bit extra for some holidays.

If you are interested in reading more about Minimalist Business, I highly recommend reading Paul Jarvis article here.

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