Mindfulness and your Minimalist Business

Mindfulness Research with Tokyo Mindfulness Guru Udana Bandara

I recently participated in a Mindfulness study with the Tokyo Mindfulness Guru, Udana Bandara.

When I received the email from Udana to participate in the study, I signed up immediately! I feel like I never have time to meditate, so I thought this was the perfect chance to not only meditate for an hour, but also to receive results of exactly how “mindful” I am.

It was so much fun!

When I arrived, Udana explained to me about the research and then he fitted the special EEG helmet on my head that has tiny pins that screw in and touch my scalp to measure my brain waves.

You can see exactly what I looked like in the photo!

Haha. Not so attractive….

BUT effective at measuring my brain waves for the experiment:)

The results will be published soon, so please do search for the research paper if you are interested in Mindfulness research.

There are actually other more modern devices for recording brain waves, but this kind of helmet is one of the original styles.

Here is an example of a modern style of headset below.

“Wearable technology” is already available and affordable as we already know with devices such as the Apple Watch, and it seems that very soon this type of headset to measure the state of our minds will be quite common as well.

Just imagine the future, where we will wear these kinds of devices to measure our brain waves to better understand our own individual minds (and perhaps how to overcome stress and anxiety?!).

Whether you practice meditation or not, I think we all have experienced stress at some point in our lives. And stress is not only NOT good for our health, but also can have negative consequences on our professional lives and our business.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to understand how to achieve a more relaxed and rested mind and body, so that we can be the calm and mindful person that we want to be?

For more about my experience with Mindfulness, see this post.

And if you have any comments or questions please do let me know!

x Kate

P.S. Thank you Udana for inviting me to your experiment and for all your kind advice about mindfulness!

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