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Mindfulness and Minimalist Business

After years of working long hours and in a highly stressful environment, I have started to think about the meaning of life.

I can understand the meaning of “giving” life. Just watching my two children still amazes me. So I never question the importance of caring for my children.

But what is the meaning of working 9-5 in an office for 5 days of the week? And if I am not working in an office 9-5, then what *should* I be doing? How should I spend my days/hours/minutes in a meaningful way? How should I be contributing to society? How was I *meant* to be contributing to the world? I am just one person on this earth. What can I be doing that has meaning?

This is when I started to practice mindfulness.

And I don’t mean meditation. I would LOVE to practice meditation but I still never have time! 🙂

What I mean is mindfulness – being kind to yourself, taking a few moments to be aware of your thoughts and how you are feeling. Be aware of what makes you happy.

And when I think deeply about this, it helps me to realize that I don’t need material possessions.

And if I don’t need new material possessions, then I don’t need to make lots of money.

This leads to the true meaning of “Minimalist Business”. Where your success is not based on how much money you make. Your success is based on the freedom you have to choose the life that you want.

This is how Mindfulness has led me on the path to appreciation of the concept of Minimalist Business.

Do you also think about having a Minimalist Business where you have the freedom to enjoy life and help others?

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