How to focus on your writing as a Minimalist Mum
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How to focus on your writing as a Minimalist Mum

As part of having a Minimalist Business, there are always a few hours per week that need to be dedicated to writing.

This could be:

  • Writing emails, such as responding to customer inquiries
  • Writing a blog post
  • Or writing the next chapter in your new ebook

As a working mother, you may feel like you NEVER have any time to focus on writing. What with working and looking after your children, it can feel like there isn’t even any time to sit down and have a cup of tea, let alone write an article or a whole chapter for an ebook!

Well……..I have a secret!

It is not really a secret, haha, but it is something I have personally discovered that works very well, and I recently found many other minimalist business entrepreneurs who use the same technique (including Joshua from The Minimalists).

The technique is – disconnect yourself from the internet.

Actually Joshua went as far as to stop the internet in his home. So he does all his writing at home where he can concentrate, and then he goes to a cafe to publish his articles or check emails. By doing that, he has completely disconnected himself from the internet at home so he can focus on writing and thinking, which greatly improves productivity amongst many other benefits!

I personally have not cancelled my internet at home. I actually don’t have the internet connected directly to my home (I have a portable wifi which are very popular in Japan).

And even if I cancelled my portable wifi contract, which I have considered doing, it wouldn’t completely disconnect me from the internet as I could always do tethering from my iPhone (it is very cheap in Japan for unlimited internet access from your smartphone).

Which means I need to practice self control……!

So what do I do?

Here are the thought processes that I go through:

  1. Commit myself to achieve the writing that I want to get done. Visualize what I want in my life, and basically tell myself that writing this article is more important than checking my Facebook feed! I always plan ahead how much writing I want to achieve, for example “Write 1 blog post on Saturday and publish it” and this makes it feel doable especially considering I don’t have much spare time.
  2. Don’t look at my smartphone or internet while I am writing. If I find myself interrupted by Facebook or Instagram, I literally tell myself to stop looking at it and turn my focus back to writing
  3. Write while my kids are asleep. This is something I have made a habit ever since my first baby was born 6 years ago. It’s like having a schedule for writing, but to be honest you never know when the kids are going to take a sleep! So rather than having a set time such as writing from 12-2pm on the weekends, I play it by ear and basically enjoy the weekends with my kids and then when they take a nap, I immediately sit myself at my kitchen table and start writing. When my kids were babies, this could even be at a cafe at any time of the day! Sometimes my baby would wake up at 5am and then have a morning nap at 9am, so I would enjoy this time sitting in a cafe typing away while my baby slept in the pram.

So the key is, commit yourself to your writing and don’t spend your precious time surfing the internet! Really visualize the business and life that you want, and keep taking tiny steps to get there. I guarantee if you dedicate yourself and believe in your ideas, you will be able to complete your writing and before you know it, you will have a blog full of articles so you can create your online course or finally publish your ebook!

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