How to become a writer - tips for working mums
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How To Become A Writer

Do you aspire to be a writer?

Do you dream of working from home (or wherever you wish), simply by writing a few articles each day sharing your ideas, discoveries, or creations?

I am writing some ideas and inspiration in this blog post as I have just been invited to be a writer for!

Very excited!

So here are 5 tips about “How to become a writer” based on my own experience over the past 6 years or more since I became a blogger:

  1. Write, write, write – the more you write, the better you become! I have always been someone to simply jump in and get started, even if I have no idea what I am doing:) I think this is very important if you want to be a writer, as the more you practice the more efficient and creative you can become.
  2. Spelling & grammar – always aim for 100% correct spelling and grammar in your writing. If someone is interested in your work, but they notice that you have many spelling or grammatical errors, this may deter them from asking you to be a writer for their publication. I am not a perfectionist, but I do always try to go back through my work several times to double/triple check that my spelling and grammar is correct. A method that I have found to be very effective, is I email my post to myself and then read through it with fresh eyes on my smart phone. I am not sure why this helps, perhaps due to the smaller screen on the smartphone, but it really helps me to pick up on errors that I may not have noticed on my computer screen.
  3. Shorter posts are often better than long – I generally recommend to write short posts (around 300 words), as they are not only faster to write and read, but it helps to improve your skill to try and write whatever you want to convey in fewer words. This can help you to improve your technique, while also helps to keep your audience captivated! Also, if you are hoping to write a book based on your blog posts, this is much easier as you can collect all your little posts and organize them under headings or chapters for your book.
  4. Base your writing on your experience – as a mum, you will have a HUGE advantage as you will be experiencing new things pretty much everyday along your journey as a mother. It could include – having a baby, raising children, becoming a working mother, working from home, interior design, family travel, and much more! Writing about your experience will not only make it easier to write, it will also be more authentic and enable the “real you” to shine through.
  5. Network – The more people you know, and the more people who have read your work, the more likely you will be approached to become a professional writer. Your network is extremely important, as often the writing jobs you land will either be through friends or colleagues who have recommended you, or through some connection that you have made along the way. Do you know how found me? I thought it was because I was interviewed by their German Lunamum magazine in 2017, but it was actually the Managing Editor, Peggy from Pauletpaula, who remembered me as I had won one of her giveaways on her blog 6 years ago! It was absolutely amazing that this all connected years and years later. I never realized that the giveaway that I would enter when I had a baby, would actually result in a writing job with a major magazine years later.

I hope these tips help and don’t give up! If you dream of being a writer, which allows you to work from home, or from the park/beach/cafe or even while you are on a holiday, then make sure you keep writing and networking and you never know, one morning you might just receive that invitation to be a writer that you have been waiting for:)

x Kate

P.S. Make sure you check my previous post, as this gives tips about how to achieve a balance as a working mother. One of my thoughts lately is to have a Minimalist Business combined with part-time writing for a magazine or publication, which can not only provide you with multiple sources of income (which reduces the risk in case you lose one of your incomes), but it can also create countless opportunities to keep growing your network, meet new people and expand your business. Good luck and let me know if you have other ideas! xoxo

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