Carmela Fleury, Yoga and Life Coach, and Master of Raising Happy & Healthy Mamas retreat
Interview, Working Mothers

Carmela Fleury, Yoga and Life Coach, and Master of Raising Happy & Healthy Mamas

I have a special interview for you today with the amazing Carmela Fleury!

As you know my blog posts are focused on how to create a business and life that you love, with emphasis on minimalism and particularly how working mothers can achieve a true balance between work, relax time, and family time.

Carmela is the first person who came to mind when I thought of an interview!

I met Carmela in Tokyo 6 years ago when my first baby was born, and we have been close friends ever since:)! Carmela is someone I see as really successful in having the business and life that she wants – she helps people in every way, she is a wonderful mother to 2 young children, she takes time for herself and for her family, she moved to the seaside in Kamakura to realize her dreams and to pursue the life that she wanted, and so much more!

Interview with Carmela Fleury
Yoga and Life Coach, and Master of Raising Happy & Healthy Mamas

Carmela, please describe your business and why you love it!

I’m a lifecoach, a yin yoga teacher, a visionboarder, and it all comes together when I’m the village crazy mama at ‘Raising Happy & Healthy Mamas’ retreats.

Why do I love it? It is-oh-so fulfilling and energizing. After a coaching session, a yin yoga class, visionboarding with others, or a retreat– even when things go completely pear shape (I say the wrong thing, I forget the moves, the music doesn’t work, or nobody shows up)- I never feel discouraged or tired. I just look forward to the next session. I know that my clients get something positive out of it (whether it’s an insight, a deep breath, daydreaming, energy, or some much needed rest.) I have no doubt that this is my calling in life. For now. Haha!

What is a typical day like for you?

On weekends and evenings I’m knee-deep in mamahood but when the kids are in school I usually try to spend some time doing things that deeply nourish me. Such as paddleboard. Read. Write. Yoga. Meditate. And ‘work.’

What does happiness and freedom look like for you, and how do you strive to achieve it?

Ok Kate, can’t you ask some simple questions like are green peas green?

I have just finished writing a mamafesto in which I give my top 10 tips to raising a happy and healthy mama.

At the beginning I specify that it is impossible to always be happy and free. We will all have to deal with unpleasant things such as illness, taxes, loss, aging and death at some point in time.

But mastering resilience and bouncing back is what happiness and freedom would look like to me. Again that could look very different to someone else.

I strive to achieve it by embodying the tips I suggest in the mamafesto such as cultivating breath, cleaning thoughts, setting boundaries, monetizing skills, believing in miracles and a couple more…

(I will ship a free copy of the mamafesto to any mama who sends me her snail mail shipping address- email:

What is your big vision for your business and life?

Raising happy & healthy mamas, and consequently happy & healthy generations under them.

Do you have advice for other mothers who dream of having a business and life that allows them to slow down and take time to be with their children as well as have time to care for themselves?

Do it! Do it! Do it! And don’t wait for someone else to give you permission to do it.
The fulfilled mother is a rare sight. It would be absolutely revolutionary to see more self-actualized, guilt-free and deeply relaxed mothers walking around.
And imagine how that would impact their children. =)

Next Raising Happy & Healthy Mamas retreat will be in Bali march 25-30th, 2018.

More info here:


Thank you so much Carmela!

And if you are reading this and want to join one of Carmela’s amazing events or retreats, make sure you check her website!!

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