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Be kind to yourself


I haven’t written in a while.

Not because I didn’t have a TON of things to write about!

But because there sometimes just isn’t enough time…

You will probably read many articles from successful influencers around the world encouraging you to be consistent with your writing and try to post once a week on the same day every week.

I have tried this many times.

But to be honest, this is EXTREMELY difficult!

Especially if you are a working mother or if you have a personal situation that is taking up your time right now.

In the past few months I have:

  1. Been through an extremely stressful time in my personal life
  2. Sold my house in Tokyo FINALLY, which was causing alot of additional stress
  3. My son started Japanese elementary school, which as you can imagine requires alot of time to get accustomed to all the new rules and Japanese school system
  4. I returned to regular hours at my work, which left me less time during the weekdays to stay organized (I had requested 3 months shortened hours from April-June so I could pick up my son early from his after-school care while he was getting used to his new routine, and I returned to my regular work hours in July which made me super busy again)

During this time, I stopped writing as much as I usually do on my blogs, and I stopped sending out newsletters.

But I didn’t stop everything completely! It is important to keep moving forward, even at tiny baby steps.

So this is what I DID do:

  1. I tried to write on instagram regularly each week.
  2. After much research, I decided I wanted to improve my photos. I have always loved photography, so I thought this would be a great way to be creative, improve my instagram feed, and also enjoy the peaceful time of taking photos (as my life has been pretty stressful lately!). So I bought a Canon DSLR camera, purchased Lightroom, purchased presets from an instagrammer that I love, and I have been working on taking and editing photos and posting them on instagram.
  3. I wrote my first draft of my new Kyoto Guide. This actually took alot of my spare time on the weekends to get the first draft done and sent to my designer

I still haven’t gotten to where I want to be, but I am still trying. Step by step.

If you are in a similar situation, here is my recommendation.

  • Be kind to yourself. We go through many challenges and stresses in life. If there are many things you want to do, but you can’t do them right now because you have to work or take care of your kids, don’t be sad. Try to find something small that you can do and that you will ENJOY. For example, even though I am crazy busy and super stressed, I still decided to get into photography. This wasn’t an easy decision. It took me a long time to get to that point. But I knew I loved taking photos and I LOVE editing photos. And I can edit just one photo in about 1min and this gives me joy. Moreover, I can edit photos on my phone (as Lightroom is available on mobile, and everything is synced through cloud), so I can edit the photos anywhere and anytime.

I hope this helps and stay strong!

You can achieve your dreams. Everything is a process, and you just need to take it step by step. And make sure you celebrate every little win you have each day. Even if it is simply editing one single photo:)

x Kate

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