Work from home, a minimalist business guide for working mothers
Minimalist Business, Working Mothers

4 Ideas for Working Mothers striving to achieve work life balance – full-time, part-time, work from home, or minimalist business

Are you a working mother and tired of working full-time?

You may be:

  • Completely exhausted from working full-time while at the same time running around morning and night looking after young children.
  • Or maybe you are worried about your career, as you often have to take time off work when your kids are sick, which leaves you feeling guilty that you are not at the office or because you always have to ask someone else to cover for you.
  • Or maybe you are worried about your health, as you don’t have any time to eat healthily or cook healthy meals, let alone do yoga or pilates or meditate!

I know how you feel!

I have been there (and still am!), but the good news is there is a way out:)

Usually if you are in this situation, you may be considering to work from home doing freelance gigs or writing, or you might be thinking to start your own business.

This article is to help you consider the pros and cons (and risks) of 4 of these options, in order to help you make a decision about exactly what kind of work is ideal for you:

  1. Work full-time at a company
  2. Work part-time
  3. Work from home (e.g. writing or freelance gigs)
  4. Minimalist Business (automated online website with information-based product)

Comparison Table of 4 Working Options for Working Mothers – work full-time for a company, work part-time, work from home (e.g. as a freelance writer), or have a Minimalist Business (automated website with information-based product).


Click on the link below for your FREE downloadable PDF of the comparison table:

Table of pros and cons for working mothers – working full-time, part-time, work from home, or minimalist business_Kate Neath

Here is a summary of each option in the table:

  1. Working full-time – In my view, the biggest benefit of working full-time at a company is the stable income. This is why working mothers often hesitate to leave their job! Working full-time for a company offers not only a regular income in your bank account to pay the bills, but it also offers paid leave and if you are lucky flexibility for working mothers such as shortened hours and the possibility to work from home if your company will allow it. However the biggest issue with working full-time I have experienced is the impact on my health. It is exhausting to be rushing day in and day out from morning til night, without ever having any down time. This can take a major toll on your mind and body, which is what drives many working mothers to consider leaving the company and starting their own business in order to work from home.
  2. Working part-time – The biggest benefit of working part-time is that it takes the pressure off you and can allow you to live a more simple life especially when your children are young. Taking away the pressure of working full-time, you can also have the benefit of finishing work early so that you can be there to pick up your children from school and cook dinner at a more leisurely pace. If you work 3-4 days a week (instead of 5 days), this can also enable you to take some time for yourself to do some exercise, see friends, or run errands such as go to the bank or post office. Often these simple chores are impossible when you are working full-time, so it can be lovely to be able to do this without rushing around on your lunchtime. The con though, which depends on your situation, is that it usually results in a lower income than what you could get working full-time (unless you are on a high-paying contract or working as a consultant, for example), and also may not offer many opportunities for career growth as a full-time job might. Again, this depends on the type of part-time work you find.
  3. Working from home – Many working mothers would LOVE to work from home! How awesome would it be to a) take the kids to school at a relaxed pace without stressing about the time, b) come back to your quiet peaceful home and clean up, perhaps put some washing on and wash the breakfast dishes, and then c) sit down for a few hours of writing and checking emails, and perhaps lunch with some colleagues, followed by d) preparing dinner before e) picking up the kids and come back home for dinner, bath and bed. Time is the obvious benefit, however this entirely depends on what kind of “work from home” jobs that you find. If you spend hours and hours searching for freelance writing jobs, only to be paid a minimal price for your time and efforts, this can not only be unproductive but also disheartening. So you need to be very careful about choosing this option before you are set up. Sometimes it may take several months or even a year to set up your freelance work and find regular clients and build up your network, so make sure you factor this into your decision making before taking the leap.
  4. Minimalist Business – This is my favourite! I have experience with having a Minimalist Business, so I am living proof that it works:) The concept of a Minimalist Business is that it is a business that gives you the freedom to live the life that you want. The reason why it is so powerful for working mothers, is because if it is an automated online business with an information-based product (not a service, as this requires more of your time), then once you have set it up and build up your traffic and Conversion Rate, it will make good money for you with minimal ongoing effort. So you could a) start a blog on a niche topic that you have alot of experience with, b) blog every day and build up your traffic, c) determine what specific topics your readers are most interested in and what information they are willing to pay for, d) make your information-based product (ebook or course), and e) set it up with a customer funnel and automated delivery. Once this is set up, every article you write on your blog will contribute to growing the traffic to your own website, which further increases your sales. Even if you are not working on your website, it will make money for you! So you can pick up your kids, take time off, or even go on a holiday and your website will still be making money for you. The only risk is that you may lose your sales if your website is down or if you lose the traffic, so it might be wise to offset this risk with some freelance writing jobs or part-time work in between (so that you always have a backup option if you need it).

My recommendation = Minimalist Business (plus some freelance writing that can be a win-win for your website too)

Hope this helps you to consider the options and to think what might work for your situation!

x Kate

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