Right now is the youngest you will be for the rest of your life - tips to be happy in the moment
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3 Tips To Be Happy In The Moment

I am currently in Australia for Christmas holidays.

I am SO excited to be here!

I was literally counting down the days to get on the plane.

Unfortunately, when we arrived on the plane my son got sick with a high fever, which he must have picked up in Tokyo before we left.

So the first few days have been spent looking after him, which as you know when looking after sick children, involves a lot of sleepless nights!

I was feeling completely exhausted and when I looked in the mirror in my mum’s bathroom, I was thinking how tired I looked. I have dark rings around my eyes, my skin doesn’t look healthy at all, and my hair felt drab and dull (this was probably also contributed to by the Tokyo winter I think!).

Worrying about me, my mum went out and bought me the “Well Being” magazine (which I LOVE) and after reading some of the articles I started to feel a bit better.

One of the articles was actually about Japan, and it had the quote:

“This moment right now is the youngest we’ll be for the rest of our lives”

I thought how wonderful!

Lately I am often feeling sad about being in my late thirties, and to be honest I am a little scared about getting older.

But reading this quote made me feel a whole lot better.

Because it is true!

We may look in the mirror today and think how old we look, but to be honest in the future we will look back and think how young we were.

So, here are 3 tips to be happy in the moment and to stop worrying so much about time passing! 🙂

  1. Enjoy every moment with your children – I know this can be hard sometimes when kids are going through “difficult” phases. Lately my kids seem to go through fluctuations of playing nicely together and then suddenly be fighting over toys! I try to soak up all the super cute times and make a mental note of these super happy moments, and when they are having a hard time then I try to find an alternative topic or something to help them move on so that we can still enjoy the day!
  2. Look on the bright side – as I mentioned above, my son is currently sick. We had literally just stepped off the plane and he came down with a high fever. My mum lives next to the beach, but it meant we couldn’t go to the beach or go outside at all! But I didn’t let it upset me, as to be honest if my kids are going to be sick, I would much rather be at my mum’s house in Australia than be in my tiny apartment in Tokyo! My daughter could play in the garden and my mum cooked us delicious meals, so even though we were house-bound we could still feel happy and content just pottering around. This was honestly a huge happy moment for me! I think it is similar to the day that I took the photo in this article – I had booked one night at the Tokyo Disneyland hotel in October for my son’s birthday, but on the day Tokyo was hit by a huge typhoon! It meant we couldn’t enjoy Disneyland, BUT we had such a fantastic time inside the Disney hotel that we could still enjoy every moment and go home with great memories.
  3. Be inspired – This relates to creating the business and life that you want. As you get older, you may put off starting your business because you may think it is too late, or you may be worried it will take too many years to grow. But unless you start today, you will never be able to achieve your dreams! I guarantee you will look back in a few years and be so glad that you started, or that you at least tried. It is much better than regretting that you never tried! So try to find inspiration in each moment and be happy with your creations. To be honest, this is one of the reasons I love having an online business, as you can take small baby steps to grow your website and every day you can see the improvements. This can really be satisfying when you don’t have much spare time to begin with.

I hope this helps to think on the bright side and happy holidays everyone!

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