How to make a successful online business as a working mother
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3 Tips for how to make a successful online business as a working mother

There are alot of entrepreneurs out there that I follow for inspiration about how to create a minimalist business – Paul Jarvis, Tim Ferriss, Marie Forleo, Jeff Walker.

But not ONE of them is a working mother!

So I often think about, as a working mother, how have I adapted their advice on how to create a successful online business based on my own situation?

What works and what doesn’t work as a working mother?

As a working mother, our situation is very unique:

  • A) Our time is extremely limited, to the point where we may only have 15min per day to ourselves to focus on creating a business,
  • B) We can’t suddenly move to Thailand to cut our expenses while we create our online business, which means we have to be even more productive and efficient with our time, energy and money in our current location, and
  • C) Our lives and brain revolves around our children, which often reduces the range of experiences we have to family-based events, and therefore the types of businesses that we can create may be limited

So based on these factors, here are 3 key points that I have adapted to my situation as a working mother in order to create a successful online business:

  1. Find a niche that you personally have experience with. This is important as it will not only provide valuable content for you to write about in your blog posts, but it will also give you credibility as you will be viewed as an expert in your field. As a working mother, I highly recommend you to choose something that you experience on a daily basis. You may wonder why many mompreneurs create their online business about children, motherhood, craft, cooking? It’s because we experience these topics on a daily basis! We are constantly solving issues, improving our productivity, and overcoming hurdles every day in our life as a mother. So it is natural to share our tips with other mothers who are having troubles with the same phase in their lives. For me, I was a mother with a newborn baby in Tokyo, and I had no idea how to get around Tokyo with a baby and stroller. I found that my other international friends also didn’t know, so I started to research and explore and blog about my experience. My blog rapidly became popular not only with mothers in Tokyo, but with parents around the world who were planning to visit Tokyo with their children. So I quickly found my niche! I really encourage you to do the same, and don’t worry if your qualifications or what you studied at university was different. I truly believe that we go through life gaining a wide range of experiences, and we can adapt everything we learn to our present work. If you think about your skills and knowledge PLUS what you experience on a daily basis, and combine them together in different ways, I guarantee you will discover ideas for your niche business!
  2. Understand what really worries your customer. I learnt this from Marie Forleo. Marie recommended me to think – “What keeps your customer up at night? What do they worry about?”. It is so important to not only understand your ideal customer, but also to really deeply understand what they really NEED. One of the best ways to understand this, is to ask them through a survey. As a working mother though, you may feel overwhelmed with having to create and conduct a survey. I know I did! I barely had enough time to change the diapers and feed my children, let alone run a survey for potential customers. So for me, I found another way – after a few years of receiving emails through my blog from parents traveling to Tokyo with their children, and listening to their worries and providing them with answers and guidance, I realized that this already helped me to understand my customer and what they need. Another way to understand your customer (without the need to do a survey) is to check your google analytics of your blog – what are your most popular blog posts? What are people clicking on when they navigate your website? Which page do they spend the most time reading? This can help you to understand what your readers are really interested in, and leads to point #3.
  3. Create a product based on your customer’s needs. This is extremely important. Sometimes it may take you a few attempts and failed products/services before you realize what your customers will actually want to buy. I myself tried many business ideas including an online shop, giveaways, events, paid advertising, product launches, and much more! It took me 3 years before I finally released my ebook which is now my most popular product on my website. So I encourage you to try different options, don’t give up, take your time (don’t try to do too much as you will be busy also looking after your children and home and everything else you are managing! So I really encourage you to take it easy and don’t pressure yourself too much), talk to other mompreneurs about their experience, and try to really brainstorm what you can create for your customers that they will buy from you.

I hope this helps and stay strong!

x Kate

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