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3 Reasons Working Mothers should consider a Minimalist Business

Is this you?

Are you a working mother (and you’re exhausted!) and you:

  • Dream about having your own business so you can work from home or wherever you wish?
  • Want freedom and flexibility to balance your work and caring for your children the way you want?
  • Desperate for some time each day to relax and enjoy life at your own pace?

If this is you, then I highly recommend to consider creating your own Minimalist Business.

I myself have been a working mother ever since my first baby was born in 2011. As I live in Japan, I was very lucky to be able to take 1.5 years off work with my first baby (as the Japanese government has an amazingly supportive system for maternity leave which allows you to not only take time off work, but the govt will also pay you 60% of your monthly salary to support you!). But during his time I didn’t just focus on my baby and housework. I utilized this time to start my first online website.

Why didn’t I take a rest and relax on my maternity leave?

Because one of my biggest worries was that after I returned to work after maternity leave, how was I going to cope with working full-time AND being a good mother to my child?

Isn’t there a way to have a rewarding career AND be a mother?

I had seen the struggles that working women in management have with being committed to their work and having to work long hours in the office, while at the same time looking after their children. Many working mothers actually cope by having a nanny or babysitter to pick up the kids, which is wonderful, but I knew that my income wouldn’t cover the costs of a babysitter or nanny in Tokyo (usually this is only affordable by expats!), and also my personal dream was that I would be the person to pick up my kids from school and cook dinner for them and put them to bed at night.

I was really concerned – how can I achieve my dream?

I was willing to work hard to make an income, but I wanted flexibility to decide my own schedule so that I could be there for my children and be the mother that I wanted to be.

So what is the answer?

The best answer that I have found is to have your own business, and to make it a minimalist business.

A minimalist business is based on having the freedom to decide how to spend your days.

You don’t need to make millions of dollars to be happy. (although this would be nice!)

And you don’t need to be a manager or director in a company to have a rewarding career.

You just need to make enough money to cover your daily essentials (plus some extra for traveling, which in my case is important so that I can go back to Australia to see my family!) and to be doing work that makes you happy.

Make sure you read my other posts about essential core and how to start a Minimalist Business. If you haven’t considered this option already, then it will definitely help you to expand your vision and think outside the box. You don’t need to be working in an office every day 5 days a week from 9-5:30pm. You can be working at home, outside, or WHEREVER you want, and WHEN you want! So you can not only be happy with your professional life and the value that you create for others, but you can also be there for your children, and at the same time have some space for yourself to take a rest and reflect on what a wonderful life you have. How awesome is that!

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