3 Plugins I recommend for Wordpress by Kate Neath
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3 Plugins I recommend for WordPress

Are you planning to create your own website?

Or perhaps you already have your website, but you don’t know which plugins are useful or essential for your business?

I have been running my own wordpress sites since 2012, and I have tried countless plugins! Trust me though, they don’t all work, nor are they always necessary to run an efficient site.

Remember the rule of thumb is to not have more than 15 plugins active on your wordpress site. So if you have more than 15 installed then you need to start purging and minimize them to only the essentials in order to have a fast, efficient wordpress site.

I hope this list will help you to narrow down the plugins that you DO need.

3 Plugins I recommend for WordPress

1.Woocommerce (shopping cart)

I have tried various membership sites and shopping cart plugins, but the plugin that has worked the best for me so far is Woocommerce.

It comes with integration for Stripe and PayPal, as well as for newsletter sites such as Aweber and Mailchimp.

It’s easy to install and to set up. Highly recommend!

2.Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights

This is an essential plugin to track your website stats.

On a weekly basis I check the number of visitors and page views to my sites, as well as the most viewed blog posts.

This can give you valuable insights into which blog posts are the most popular, which can help you to not only blog more about that topic but also potentially determine how to monetize your blog.


I buy all my website themes from Theme Forest, so I install the Envato plugin to enable direct theme updates to my wordpress site.

This is extremely efficient and saves time.

Of course, always do a backup of your site BEFORE you do any theme updates, just in case the update doesn’t work as you expected.

I hope this list helps! As an extra tip, I also recommend Akismet Anti-Spam plugin to reduce spam to your site.

If you have any questions please let me know!

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